We love working with other independents, and we got a couple of cracking artists and designs to chose from at the moment!

Ryan Underdown, Canadian artist based on the west coast in Vancouver, goes by the name of Third Eye Ry, is a mixed medium illustrator whose style steams from continuous line drawings. He creates beautiful, crazy and extremely emotional illustrations, mostly of faces, and always with his very unique and distinguished style. We met on Instagram at a time we had just started to expand into vinyl pieces, and his "I feel different" work slapped us in the face as a perfect design to experiment a new medium with. You should go CHECK OUT HIS INSTAGRAM right now, drop him a follow and check out what he does. VERY cool dude!

 "I feel Different" 


Click here for the clothes!



Leon, aka SpaceCat “Le Mage” is an illustrator, painter/decorator.
Once upon a time born in Italy, he is now a pioneering digital nomad and has been for a few years. He has lived in a number of countries, in & out of Europe. A Professional Psychonaut and raver since forever and passionate DJ on occasions, featuring hypnotic grooves. We met on Instagram and we instantly fell in love with his artwork! His crazy psychedelic drawings featuring hordes of animals and creatures of the known and unknown are a true journey for the dreamers. GO CHECK OUT HIS will not be disappointed!
"Globular Fish"                                                   "Chicken Rider"